The Dehon Ice Fields - Frank Yamrus
January 25 - March 8 2003
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturdays 11:00/5:30

New York - Sarah Morthland Gallery is pleased to announce an
exhibition of new photographs by Frank Yamrus entitled The Dehon
Ice Fields. The exhibition begins on Saturday, January 25 and
continues through Saturday, March 8, 2003. There will be
a reception for the artist on Wednesday, February 5, from
6-8 pm at the gallery.

Frank Yamrus embraces the connotative landscape in The Dehon
Ice Fields. He continues his photographic relationship with water's
ability to transform itself: metaphorically, topographically,
psychologically, and historically. When a planned series of
photographs of the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta, Canada was
thwarted by an unusually warm winter, Yamrus instead brought
enormous blocks of ice into his studio and began photographing
it as it melted and cracked. As in nature, temperature, water and
light served as the elements that defined the lines, textures, and
shapes of the melting ice. The artist eventually began to alter the
ice himself with implements such as a chain saw.

The resulting black and white photographs are large-scale abstractions
of the various cracks, bubbles and puddles formed by the ice as it

Frank Yamrus lives and works in San Francisco.

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